In order to facilitate research by other students of Southern public speaking, the following grouping is made of speeches used in this study. The listing includes the speech, where it was delivered, the date, and where a copy of the text may be found. It is organized according to the occasions upon which the speeches were made.


Memorial Day Addresses and Eulogies


Graves, John Temple. "Memorial Address." West Point, Georgia. April 26, 1876. University of South Carolina.


__________. "Union Decoration Day Speech." Jacksonville, Florida. May 30, 1885. University of South Carolina.


Haygood, Atticus G. "Garfield's Memory." Oxford, Georgia. October 5, 1881. Emory University.


Hoge, Moses D. "Address on Jefferson Davis." Richmond, Virginia. December 11, 1889. University of Virginia.


Howe, William B.W. "Address on the Death of President Garfield." Charleston, South Carolina. September 26, 1881. University of South Carolina.


Key, David M. "Memorial to General Grant." Chattanooga, Tennessee. August 8, 1885. Sunday Times (Chattanooga), August 9, 1885.


Rose, U.M. "Memorial Address on the Life, Character and Public Services of Jefferson Davis." Little Rock, Arkansas. December 13, 1889. Little Rock Public Library.


Waddell, Alfred M. "Memorial Day Address." New Bern, North Carolina. May 9, 1879. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.




Monument Dedication Speeches


Black, James C.C. "Address at the Unveiling of the Hill Statue." Atlanta, Georgia. May 1, 1886. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Daniel, John W. "Oration at the Inauguration of the Mausoleum and the Unveiling of the Recumbent Figure of General Robert Edward Lee at Washington and Lee University." Lexington, Virginia. June 28, 1883. Emory University.


Evans, Clement A. "Address at the Laying of the Cornerstone of the Confederate Monument." Augusta, Georgia. April 26, 1875. University of Georgia.


Hoge, Moses D. "Oration at the Inauguration of the Jackson Statue." Richmond, Virginia. October 26, 1875. Duke University.


Kemper, John. "Address at the Unveiling of Jackson's Statue." Richmond, Virginia. October 26, 1875. University of South Carolina.


Lee, Fitzhugh. "Oration at the Unveiling of the Monument to the Confederate Dead." Alexandria, Virginia. May 24,1889. University of Virginia.



Veterans' Reunion Addresses

Drayton, Charles E.R. "Address to the Washington Light Infantry." Charleston, South Carolina. February 22, 1885. University of South Carolina.


Gordon, John B. "Address Delivered Before the Confederate Survivor's Association." Augusta, Georgia. April 26, 1887. University of Florida.


Law, Evander M. "The Confederate Revolution." Richmond, Virginia. May 28, 1890. Louisiana State University.


Logan, Thomas M. "The Future of the South." Columbia, South Carolina. July 21,1875. University of South Carolina.


McGowan, Samuel. "Address at the Reunion of Orr's Rifles." Walhalla, South Carolina. July 21, 1875. University of South Carolina.


Throckmorton, James Webb. "Speech Delivered at Re-Union of Hood’s Soldiers." Waco, Texas. June 27, 1889. University of Texas.



Educational Addresses

Bate, William B. "Address at the Dedication of the Battle-Ground Academy." Franklin, Tennessee. October 5, 1889. Duke University.


Butler, Matthew C. "The Constitution." Spartanburg, South Carolina. June 15, 1886. University of South Carolina.


Grady, Henry W. "Against Centralization." Charlottesville, Virginia. June 25, 1889. Emory University.


Haygood, Atticus G. "Seney Hall." Oxford, Georgia. June 8, 188l. Duke University.


Hoge, Moses D. "The Memories, Hopes and Duties of the Hour." Lexington, Virginia. June 15, 1886. University of Virginia.


Jarvis, Thomas J. "Address Delivered Before the Society of Alumni of Randolph Macon College." Ashland, Virginia. June 15, 188l. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.